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Cairo International Airport Address: Oruba Road, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Tel :  + (202) 226 55000  Fax : + (202) 226 53214

Airlines AT Cairo Airport 

Tel: + 2454400 /5099   

Cairo International Airport is located about 15 kilometers from the heart of the City’s business area
Cairo International Airport Address: Oruba Road, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
About Cairo

Cairo  is the capital city of Egypt, meaning the ‘Conqueror or Vanquisher’. It is the second largest city not only in Africa but in the entire Arab World as well, while being one of the most densely and highly populated cities in the world. It has a rich Islamic architecture which features in many realms of the city life.

Known as al-Qahirah, it is a world-renowned urban center offering so much to see and many areas to visit. Apart from being Egypt’s administrative capital, it has the Egyptian Pyramids close by, some being at the edge of the Metropolis, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza. Cairo Egypt also offers ancient temples, Christian churches, tombs, huge Muslim monuments and the world-famous Egyptian Antiquities Museum. Most of these attractions are within the city while others are just a slight distance away.

Cairo Egypt is a hub of life and avid movement almost 24 hours daily, from honking vehicle horns, the street activity of playing children, merchants providing their services and wares, and tourists enjoying the best of the city. Cairo is a true representation of Egyptian culture, from music halls to art galleries, while providing some of the world’s best, grandest and most unique restaurants and accommodation facilities. 

The city of Cairo Egypt also provides tourists and visitors with buzzing nightlife, leisure and shopping activities. The shopping is unique, from the old bazaars, such as the famous Souk, Khan el-Khalili, which has yet to change since 14th century. It also has centers, modern and air-conditioned, boasting the latest in fashion. Anyone looking for the bounty to be found in the East finds it in the city. This includes spices, carpets, mashrabiya, ceramics, silver, gold, perfumes, leatherwork, copper work and glass. To experience a thousand years of shopping paradise, Cairo Egypt offers some of most famous and busiest street markets, such as Wekala al-Balaq, offering some of the best in terms of fabric.