Cairo Airport Duty Free

As you make your way through customs at Cairo International Airport, the duty-free shops await. Whether you have a long layover or are waiting for your flight’s departure, you’ll want to explore this airport’s duty-free options. As the largest airport in Africa and a major hub for connecting flights across the Middle East and Africa, Cairo Airport offers a wide array of duty-free shopping to suit any traveler’s tastes. From world-class fragrances and cosmetics to premium alcohol, electronics, and fashion accessories representing the finest luxury brands, you’ll find all this and more at prices far below what you’d typically pay at home. With this guide, you’ll navigate the duty-free shops efficiently and depart with the perfect souvenirs and gifts in hand. Discover the treasures that await you at Cairo Airport duty free.

Cairo Airport’s retail areas are constantly being upgraded to offer concepts that meet your expectations. A new Swatch outlet was recently opened in Terminal 1 as well as the world famous Bijoux Terner in Terminal 2. The News & Books units will soon be operated by Egypt’s Leading Book Shop “Al Shorouk”. Keep a look out for new specialized shops due to open soon.

Cairo Airport Duty Free operating on the first floor in Terminal 1 will also be expanding into new areas offering new concepts and further improving the shop mix.

The Duty Free Shops are available in all international departure and arrival areas. Please note that the Arrival Duty Free adjacent to Terminal 2 (arrivals) may be accessed up to 48 hours after arrival in Egypt.

Terminal 3 will revolutionalize duty-free shopping in Egypt.

With close to 4,000 m2 of retail space, the shops offer passengers both popular international brands and introduce exclusive brands new to the Egyptian market such as MCM, Shiseido and Marco Polo. These are just a sample of the exciting new ventures which will propel Egyptian airport shopping onto the plateau of excellence with industry leaders across the region. The new Terminal will also include food and beverage areas with local and international brands.

The Duty Free shops in Terminal 3 will provide an easily accessible, open plan and vastly spacious shopping environment. Each department of the Duty Free shops will be clearly designated and serviced with knowledgeable staff providing excellence in customer service.

An Overview of Cairo Airport Duty Free

Duty Free Shopping at Cairo Airport

As a travel hub for Africa and the Middle East, Cairo International Airport offers duty free shopping for both arriving and departing passengers. Duty free shops are located in all terminals, with the largest selection found in Terminal 3.

Upon entering the duty free area, you will find a wide array of goods from which to choose, including:

  1. Perfumes and cosmetics from brands like Estée Lauder, Dior, and Clarins. Fragrances for men and women are available.

  2. Premium spirits, wines, and tobacco products. You can find reputable brands of whiskey, vodka, cigars, cigarettes, and more. Egyptian wines are also featured.

  3. Designer clothing, handbags, sunglasses, and other fashion accessories. Brands such as Michael Kors, Tumi, and Ray-Ban are stocked.

  4. Gourmet food products like Egyptian spices and condiments, dried fruits, nuts, and chocolates. Popular local brands include Saber and Makady.

  5. Electronics including mobile phones, tablets, headphones, and smart watches. You may find offerings from Samsung, Apple, Sony, and Huawei.

  6. Luxury gifts and souvenirs like papyrus, jewelry, leather goods, and home decor. Traditional Egyptian gifts are plentiful.

By shopping duty free at Cairo Airport, you can save up to 50-60% off normal retail prices. Whether looking for a memento of your trip or a necessity for your flight, the duty free shops have an option to suit you. Peruse at your leisure—you deserve a little indulgence!

Top Products to Buy at Cairo Airport Duty Free

As an international hub, Cairo Airport Duty Free offers a wide selection of products from around the world. Here are some of the top items worth purchasing during your layover or before departure:

Perfumes and Fragrances

Cairo Airport Duty Free houses all the major luxury perfume and fragrance brands like Chanel, Dior, and Versace. You can find significant savings on full-size designer fragrances, so stock up on your signature scent or try something new.

Spirits and Liquor

For those looking to sample different alcoholic beverages, the duty free carries a range of spirits, wines, and liquors at discounted prices. Pick from top brands of gin, vodka, whiskey as well as regional wines and liquors. You’ll be able to find everything from single malt scotches and bourbons to local anise-flavored spirits.

Tobacco Products

Cairo Airport Duty Free offers a selection of leading cigarette brands along with other tobacco products at tax-free prices. Whether you’re looking for premium cigarillos, pipe tobacco or shisha flavors, you’ll discover affordable options from international and regional brands.

Gourmet Food and Confectionary

To satisfy your sweet tooth or craving for gourmet delicacies, visit the duty free food and confectionary section. You’ll uncover luxury chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, as well as popular Egyptian snacks and sweets to enjoy during your flight or bring home as souvenirs. From Om Ali to baklava, the choices are plentiful.

With competitive prices on in-demand products, Cairo Airport Duty Free makes it easy to shop before boarding your next flight. You’ll find a taste of Egypt along with beloved international brands to experience the vibrant culture and flavors of this ancient land. Happy shopping and safe travels

Duty Free Shopping Tips for Cairo Airport

To make the most of your duty free shopping experience at Cairo International Airport, keep the following tips in mind:

When arriving at Cairo Airport, head straight to the duty free shops after clearing immigration and baggage claim. The duty free shops are located in the arrival halls of Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Take advantage of your eligible duty free allowance for certain goods like alcohol, perfume, cosmetics and tobacco products. Make sure you have your passport and boarding pass on hand.

Check what items are eligible for duty free purchase and the allowance limits for your destination country before shopping. Certain goods like perishable food items, lighters and medicines are typically not included in duty free allowances. Do some research on prices for certain high-value goods so you can determine if the duty free deals are really the best value. Some items may actually be cheaper to buy at regular stores in your home country.

Pay in cash, debit card or major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. Some shops may accept payment in Euro, British Pounds and US Dollars in addition to the local Egyptian Pound. Confirm which payment methods and currencies are accepted before shopping to avoid disappointment at the checkout.

Look for promotions and coupons that can save you money on big-ticket items like jewelry, watches, designer goods and electronics. You may be able to get 10-30% off select items. Some duty free shops also regularly run special promotions and loyalty programs for frequent shoppers.

If possible, avoid shopping on the day of your departure and shop the day before when the duty free shops tend to be less crowded. Give yourself plenty of time to browse the shops and make your purchases before proceeding to your departure gate. Most shops are open 24 hours, but selection may be more limited in the early morning and late evening.

Following these tips will help ensure you have an enjoyable duty free shopping experience at Cairo International Airport and return home with your favorite items at a great value. Make the most of your trip to Egypt by taking advantage of the opportunities to save on premium and luxury goods.

About Cairo Airport Duty Free FAQ

Cairo Airport Duty Free offers a wide selection of goods at competitive prices for travelers passing through Cairo International Airport. However, you may have some questions about what is available and how the duty free shopping experience works. Here are some common questions and answers:

What types of goods can I buy at Cairo Airport Duty Free? You will find a vast array of products ranging from cosmetics and skincare to electronics, jewelry, fashion accessories, toys, souvenirs, and of course, alcohol and tobacco. Major brands are well-represented.

What are the opening hours? Shops are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. This way you can shop whenever you have spare time before or between flights.

Do I need to go through security again after shopping? No, the duty free area is located after you have cleared customs and security checkpoints. You can shop freely without having to be re-screened.

Can I use my credit/debit card? Yes, Cairo Airport Duty Free accepts all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. Some stores may have a minimum purchase amount for card use. It is a good idea to carry some cash as well in case your card is not accepted for any reason.

Do I have to pay customs or taxes on my purchases? Goods sold at Cairo Airport Duty Free are exempt from customs duties and value added tax (VAT) for international travelers. However, there are allowances for certain goods like alcohol and tobacco for domestic travelers and those with final destinations within Egypt. It is best to check with the store directly about any taxes that may apply to your purchases.

Can I get a tax refund on goods bought in Cairo? Unfortunately, tax refunds are not available for goods purchased within Egypt. Only goods bought in approved duty free stores in other countries and brought into Egypt may be eligible for a partial tax refund when departing. Check with customs officials about the requirements and process for claiming any tax refunds.

Does Cairo Airport Duty Free offer delivery options? Yes, Cairo Airport Duty Free provides a delivery service for large or valuable items within Egypt. They can also arrange for international shipping to select destinations. Inquire at the store for details about delivery fees and available destinations.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cairo Airport Duty Free Experience

To maximize your experience at the Cairo Airport Duty Free, follow these tips:

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Review the Cairo Airport Duty Free website to familiarize yourself with their hours of operation, available brands, and current promotions. Some products may be less expensive at the duty free compared to other retailers. Check price comparison sites to determine the best deals.

Arrive Early

Give yourself plenty of time to explore the duty free shops. Especially if you want to take advantage of promotions or limited time offers. The duty free area can get quite crowded, particularly before and after peak flight times. Arriving 2-3 hours before your scheduled departure is recommended.

Bring Proper Identification

You will need to show your valid passport and boarding pass to enter the duty free area and make any purchases. Some products like alcohol, tobacco, and perfumes may have additional age restrictions. Be prepared to show a government issued photo ID as proof of age.

Take Advantage of Promotions

The Cairo Airport Duty Free frequently runs sales, multi-buy offers, bundle deals, and exclusive promotions not available elsewhere. Check at each store for the latest specials to save the most money. Some may require coupons or promotion codes found on the Cairo Airport Duty Free website or social media channels.

Shop for Friends and Family

In addition to yourself, consider shopping for gifts and souvenirs for others. The duty free shops offer a wide selection of popular Egyptian products as well as luxury and brand name goods at reduced prices. Take the opportunity to pick up unique items for friends and family that cannot be found at home.

Following these steps will help you get the most satisfaction and savings out of your Cairo Airport Duty Free shopping experience. With some advanced planning and patience, you can discover great deals on the items you want most. Happy shopping and safe travels!


After going through the various options at Cairo Airport Duty Free, you should feel well prepared for your shopping experience during your layover or before your departure. With a wide array of goods ranging from jewelry and fragrances to snacks and electronics at competitive prices, you’re sure to find something to treat yourself or gifts for loved ones back home. Be sure to factor in adequate time to explore all the duty free has to offer before boarding your flight. By following the tips and recommendations in this guide, you can make the most of your time discovering the treasures of Cairo Airport Duty Free. Your journey may be just beginning or coming to an end, but the memories you’ll make shopping at this world-class airport will last well beyond your travels. Enjoy your shopping and safe travels!

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