Cairo Airport Taxi
Cairo Airport Taxi
Cairo Airport Taxi

Cairo Airport Taxi

There are many reasons to visit Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, beyond just the history and sights of the pyramids and desert – you’ll also find a modern, bustling city with a great range of things to see and do, a wide range of shopping choices, great food and drink, fun activities and plenty to learn about the rich history of this destination that’s popular with tourists all year.

If you are coming to Cairo from another country then it is highly likely that you will be arriving on a flight that lands at Cairo International Airport, also referred to by its International Air Transportation Association Code of CAI or simply as Cairo Airport. The main terminals are about 22 kilometers (or roughly 14 miles) from the city, so it’s essential that you have some type of vehicle to cover the distance, and taking a taxi is among the most-used methods.

Compared to public transportation like buses, riding in a taxi can be relaxing and stress-free because the only people in the car will be you, the driver and your travel companions. Also, you won’t have to worry about luggage space because it will be secured in the trunk of the taxi.

Another advantage of taking a taxi is that the driver will make sure he drops you off exactly outside your rental apartment, hotel or other accommodation in Cairo or anywhere else. If you take the bus then it might drop you off a very long walk from where you’re staying.

Important details on taxi rides from Cairo Airport

Before getting in a taxi at the airport, you should learn the basics about how to find a ride once your flight has arrived, as well as the average cost and time taken to get to Cairo.

Once you are in the terminals and have both cleared security and found your suitcases, you can ask a member of airport staff to direct you where to find the taxi pickup area. Or alternatively simply look for signs that are posted throughout the terminals directing you to this location.

You’ll find taxis waiting to pick passengers up outside the arrivals area of the airport, and there are two types of cars available. Older taxis, which are painted white and black, will not typically have a meter and instead you will negotiate the price with the driver before leaving the airport. Newer taxis are painted yellow and have meters along with the benefit of air conditioning.

A one-way taxi that goes directly from the airport to your final destination in Cairo should cost roughly 150 Egyptian pounds, but the exact fare will be charged using a meter in the taxi, which is based on distance so the further you travel from the airport, the higher the fare will be.

The typical drive time to get from Cairo Airport to the city center is about 45 minutes, but this can vary depending on the time of day. If you are traveling early in the morning or late at night then the roads will be quieter and the trip may be faster. But if you are heading into Cairo at a busier time, for example during rush hour, then the ride could take more than a full hour.

Taxis are typically available to pick you up from the airport seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and that means you should be able to find a ride even if your flight is delayed and this results in it landing either late at night or very early the next day. But note that if you land at a quieter time at the airport then your waiting time for getting a taxi might be somewhat longer.

To avoid the never-ending Cairo airport taxi queues we suggest you to pre-book your taxi transfer.

Tips about Cairo Airport taxis and scams to avoid

Because taxis from the airport charge their fares using a meter that tracks distance, some drivers might try to deliberately take you on a very long route to your destination, which not only will increase the price of your fare unnecessarily but also take much more time.

One way to avoid falling victim to this scam is to plot out your preferred route from Cairo Airport to the city online before you even board your flight. Then you can shock this route to the driver and insist that they take it, and refuse to get in any taxi that won’t follow the way you’d like.

Many taxi drivers who pick passengers up at Cairo Airport will not speak much, if any, English, so having your route planned out in advance and printed out can help with this situation.

If 150 Egyptian pounds is too expensive for your budget for the taxi ride, you do have the ability to negotiate with the driver to try and get a reduced fare, but this is not always successful.

Should you believe that you are given a safe, comfortable and quick taxi journey from the airport to Cairo then it is polite to tip your driver in cash with between 50 and 100 Egyptian pounds. However, tipping is not required by law and is just a courtesy, so you should feel free to leave nothing as a tip if you believe that the ride was unsafe or that you have been overcharged.

Compared to taxis that pick up passengers at other airports around the world, some people report that the cars coming to and from Cairo Airport are not always kept very clean. You will simply have to accept this as being somewhat typical of taxis in and around the city, and it’s not worth waiting for a very long time at the airport in the hope of getting a recently cleaned car.

You should also be prepared for the driving in Cairo and nearby to be quite erratic, as some drivers will not obey the regular rules of the road. This is also something that you will just have to get used to while here, and you should not criticize your driver unless they’re being unsafe.


(average charge – all included by a Cairo Airport Taxi) From Cairo Airport CAI.

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Cairo Airport Taxi FAQ

No matter what time of day your flight lands you should be able to get a taxi, because they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But note that your waiting time might be somewhat longer if you are trying to get a taxi early in the day or late in the evening.

Generally the ride should take about 45 minutes, but it may take more than an entire hour if you are trying to get to Cairo during rush hour or another time when the roads are busy. The journey may take less than 45 minutes during quieter periods, for example the early morning.

All taxis that pick passengers up from the airport will use a meter to calculate your fare, and this is based on distance, so the further that you are traveling from the airport, the more expensive your fare will be. As a general guideline, the typical meter fare to get from Cairo Airport into the city is about 150 Egyptian pounds, but it can be slightly higher or lower.

Before you fly to Cairo Airport, you can use the internet to research the quickest way to drive to your hotel or wherever else you are staying in the city. Print out this route and then ask the taxi driver to stick to this journey, and this should ensure you are given a fair ride.

Yes, even though taxis from Cairo Airport charge their fares based on meters, some taxi drivers might be willing to negotiate a discounted price in advance with you.

No, tipping your driver is not compulsory from the airport, but if you think that they provided you with a comfortable, speedy and safe journey then it can be a nice gesture to tip them with some cash, usually in a range from 50 to 100 Egyptian ponds. By contrast, don’t leave a tip if you believe that the taxi driver overcharged your fare or did something else negative.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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