Cairo Airport Transportation

Moving from the Cairo Airport to the heart of the city is a memorable adventure for many visitors since after coming off the plane there are so many people trying to rush you towards the city. The good thing is that most of them speak Spanish, Italian, English, Mandarin, German and others languages.

There are many ways transportation alternatives to use from the Cairo Airport to the heart of the city. The Cairo Shuttle Bus is one such way where one is provided with affordable and efficient shuttle services right from the airport, 24/7, mostly to various hotels in the city and private homes.

Through the same means one gets a door-to-door kind of transportation that can even be for more than one passenger. The most significant observation is that the service is equipped with the latest model buses that are also air-conditioned, and these give a visitor to Cairo a flexible and fast service, accessible for shared rates of private service suiting any budget, with a big space for bags and other luggage.

A bus ride from the Cairo Airport towards the City’s central area can be perfected by choosing No.356. To get this move from the first terminal through the free transfer airport shuttle and arrive at terminal 2 then walk up to the bus terminal. In case you are travelling with your family the shuttle bus is also a good travel alternative.

Prior to making up your mind on the type of taxi ride to use, it is important to walk about as you avoid eye contact with the drivers until you can make your choice. About 50 LE or more is enough to get to the city center with a taxi and 100 LE or slightly more for a more comfortable Mercedes Benz. Since the place is usually heated up and the traffic is very busy and slow, a Mercedes Benz offers a much better ride.

A limousine for a single individual or up to three persons from Cairo Airport to destinations across the country is also a great way to travel.

Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus:

This is a pre-book established Shuttle Bus service, it is comfortable, prompt & direct from or to the airport according to your own preference, the latest fleet of vehicles is vast in terms of space & air-conditioned. For groups or single passenger, the Shuttle Bus takes you to any of the following destinations

Downtown Cairo
Haram (Pyramids area)

Cairo Airport Taxi Services:

At Cairo International Airport taxis are available at any time, and operated on a flat fee basis. Official Cairo taxis are predominantly black and white, but Alexandria taxis are black and orange. There are also 7-seated Peugeot taxis varied in color and size, but they all have an emblem and number painted on the driver’s door.

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